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Happy Holi Jokes – Inspirational Holi Funny Jokes & Shayari

Happy Holi Jokes – Inspirational Holi Funny Jokes & Shayari: To locate a present carrying exceptional characteristics with Holi Jokes isn’t any more a challenging job. Everyone has unique wants and various tools that could meet them these days. All these have their own feature charm and allure but in regards to grandeur and parties, not one of them are able to match that of Holi. Should you be trending, you’re saleable. After getting the perfect one, you just have to attach and send it which you would like or loved ones. For instance, one person might need to observe the most recent Holi Jokes in few minutes. If you’re the kind of individual who would prefer to go with these Happy Holi Jokes 2019, Holi Jokes that just made for you, is going to be perfect for you.


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Short Holi Jokes 2019 for Friends:

May god gift u all the colours of life, colours of happiness, colours of well-being, colours of delight, colours of luv n the other colours u wish to paint in ur life on this Holi Event. It’s your decision which one you prefer and want to send. Subsequently, it’s a very good idea to at all times telephone to seek out available seats. What’s more, you can edit it in accordance with your pick. We have featured Best Holi Funny Jokes, Inspirational Holi Jokes 2019 that would help you to make more stronger relationship on Holi eve.

Happy Holi Short Hindi Jokes & Shayari:


घबराईए मत…
बारिश का मौसम शुरू नहीं हुआ है
यह तो इंद्रदेव अपनी पिचकारी चेक कर रहे थे ….


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होली आने वाली है रंगो से नहीं डरे
रंग बदलने वालो से डरे…!!!
हैप्पी होली इन एडंवास


Holi Se Ek Din Pehle Purane Joote,
Sabse Purani Shirt,
Jeans Ya Kurta
Payjama Ko
Ghar Mein Badhi Izaat Ke Saath Dekha Jata Hai!


Niklo galiyo mein bana k toli,
Bhiga do aaj har ladki ki jholi,
Muskura de to usey bahon mein bhar lo..
Varna nikal lo keh k HAPPY HOLI..!!
Happy Holi



May your life be like a rainbow filled with all its hues!
V: Violet for Vision
I: Indigo for Intellect
B: Blue for Beauty
G: Green for Glamour
Y: Yellow for Youthfulness
O: Orange for Omniscient
R: Red for Romanticism
Happy Holi!



Pyar hai to College Mast
Sugar hai to Coffee Mast
Love hai to Life Mast
Dream hai to Night Mast
Aur Water hai to Holi Mast.
Happy Holi



Lal, Gulabi, Neela, Pila Haathon Mein Liya Samet;
Holi Ke Din Rangenge Sajni, Kar Ke Meethi Bhent.
Shubh Holi!


Save Water At Holi…
Aye Khuda Aaj To Rehem Kar De,
Mere Dost Aaj Nhi Reh Payenge,
Lagwa De Kisi Ladki Ke Haatho Inhe Rang,
Ye Kamine Pure Saal Nhi Nahayenge.
Happy Holi



Log aaj ke din Rang lagate hai …
Aur baki ke din Rang Badalte hai

If so, then you are at the appropriate web page. It’s the chance to love and forgive. Being conscious of what to see, and when, will have the capacity to help you conserve time, power and cash. It was the start of 70-ties. It’s an opportunity to reveal fondness. Holi is an golden opportunity to reveal the true message from heart that’s doesn’t have any lust.

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Funny Holi Jokes for Family:

Wo Paani ki Bauchaar
Wo gulaal ki Fuhaar
Wo Ghoro se nikalna
Wo Galion main Ghumna
Wo Dosto ki Dhoom
O yaara Holi is coming soon

Holi Par Aapko
“Vivah” Ki Wiffe,
“Dhoom” Ki Bike,
“Don” Ki Life,
“Krrish” Ka Josh,
“Babul” Ka Dular Aur
“Umravjaan” Ka Pyaar Mile



Hardik Ki Aur Se Sabhi Ko Holi Ki Hardik Shubhakamana. 😀

Ye jo rango ka tyohar hai,
Is din na hue laal pile to zindagi bekar hai,
Rang lagana to itna pakka lagana,
Jitna pakka tu mera yaar hai.
Happy Holi



Uthao rango ki goli,
Laga do hr ladki k gulal ki rangoli,
Muskuraye to do baahon ki jholi,
Agar ho ghussa to side ho kar bolo,
‘Happy Holi’

Pyar, Sneh, Samarpan, Dular,
Mohabbat, Sadbhawna, Sadvichar..
Inn saat rango ki rahe baucchar,
Aaj ka din laye aapke jeevan me Satrangi Bahaar.
Happy Holi




Chhod diye Wo Dhande..
Jinke Anjaam The Gande..
Pura Mahina Nek Kamo Me Bitaenge..
Ab holi K Baad Hi Nayi Ladki Pataenge.
Happy Holi



Gujhiya ki mahak aane se pahle,
Rango me nahane se pehle,
Holi ke nashe me gum hone se pahle,
Hum aapse kahte hai happy holi SABSE PAHLE
Happy Holi

With the introduction of Funny Jokes, they change mood in a very few couple of minutes. On the other hand, the importance of gifting has undergone a sea-change. Each gift has its own glorious abilities these days. If you’re trying to find a gift with especial attributes then look at a distinctive gifts set. Trading gifts isn’t restricted to social events alone. Assorted gifts are nearly always desired. The range of one-of-a-kind presents is accessible according to an individual’s hobbies and interest. Thus, you can think about the group of one of a kind gifts for all occasions and to permit it to be memorable.

Happy Holi Jokes, Wishes for Dummies:

If you prefer increasingly more Happy Holi 2019 SMS then do tell us. You may download backgrounds from a number of other sites available for free. May the colours of the Holi continues to illuminate your lifestyle and steer you towards the course of success. May the colours of Holi brings colours to your living and nearest and dearest. May God gift you all of the colours of existence, colours of enjoyment, colours of happiness, colours of camaraderie, colours of love and the rest of the colours you intend to paint in your existence. There are various customs for celebrating Holi in various cultures in India. “Holi Tyohar” is also referred to as festival of colours or festival of love.


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According to Hindus Mythology, Krishna questioned his mother concerning this injustice. Holi is the opportunity to reach out with the colours of enjoyment. Diwali is consequently competent to symbolize a communal spirit that’s the reason it’s come to be among the most well known festivals all over the world.

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  • Dilo Ko Milane Ka Mausam Hai,
    Duriyan Mitane Ka Mausam Hai,
    Holi Ka Tyohaar Hi Aisa Hai,
    Rango Me Doob Jane Ka Mausam Hai..



  • May The Fire Of Holi Purify Ur Heart,
    May The Colors,
    Color Ur Life..
    May The Sweets,
    Sweeten The Journey Of Ur Life..
    Wish U And Ur Family Happy Holi.




  • Bhar Bhar Ke Jaam Pilaao,
    Dhol, Mridang Bajao..
    Gile Shikve Bhul Jaao,
    Holi Ke Rang Me,
    Umang Me Doob Jao..
    Yaaro Sabko Gale Se Lagao
    Aao Sab Milkar Holi Manao!



  • Niklo galiyo me bana kar toli
    bhiga do aaj har ek ki jholi
    koi muskara de to use gale laga lo
    warna nikal lo, Laga ke rang keh ke HAPPY HOLI!!




  • निकलो गलियों में बना कर टोली,
    भिगा दो आज हर एक की झोली,
    कोई मुस्कुरा दे तो उसे गले लगा लो,
    वरना निकल लो, लगा के रंग कह के हैप्पी होली।




Filhaal To Fogg Se Jyada Ye Chal Raha Hai Ki…
Holi Aaj Hai Ya Kal!




Bazar ke rang se
Mujhe rangne ki jarurat nahi..!!!



Teri yaad aate hi
Ye chehra gulabi ho jata hai..!!



May the fire of Holi purify your heart;
May the colours add vibrant hues to your life,
May the sweets sweeten the journey of your life.
Wish you and your family a very Happy Holi!



Holi se ek din pehle
Purane Jute,
Sabse Purani Shirt,
Jeans ya Kurta Paijama ko
Ghar me badhi ijaat ke sath dekha jata hai ..!! ????




If wishes come in rainbow colors then I would send the brightest one to say – Happy Holi



Holi Special Joke

Holi Pe Ladki Ghabrate Hue Apne Boy-Friend Ko Boli: “Please Pani Wala Gubbara Mat Fenkna, Main Gili Ho Jaungi”
Ladka: “Achha Aur Khud Jab Tight T-Shirt Pehan Kar Gubbare Dikhati Hai Tab Socha Hai Hum Kitne Gile Hote Honge“ 😀


May god paint the canvas of ur life with the most vibrant colours and sprinkle peace and joy at every step. HAPPY HOLI.

Holi ke Rang C.I.D. me naii Khusiyan laayi hai,

Holi ke Rang C.I.D. me naii Khusiyan laayi hai,
Daya Darwaza Kholo Mujhe Poty aayi hai

As, Hindu does not have any particular story, as it does not have any founder. The Hindus believe in an variety of things. Besides these, the Hindus go on a lot of other minor pilgrimages too. It’s thought that this pilgrimage ought to be performed a minumum of one time in a lifetime of every Hindu. You will like to go to this superb pilgrimages on your own Rajasthan trip. It’s very a common pilgrimage among Hindus. Really, the holidays celebrated in the country wind up being an enormous appeal and among the significant reasons which lead to greater tourist traffic in the nation.

Motivational Holi Jokes 2019:


Boy To Father: papa ek glass paani
de do,

Father: khud uth k pe lo,

Boy: please de do na……!

Father: ab manga to thappad maronga :/

Boy: thappad marne aao to pani letay aana !! 😀 😛




Khana Pina Rang Udana Is Rang Ki Dhundh me hame na bhulana.Geet Gao Khoshiya manao Bolo mithi boli hamari tarafse Aapako HAPPY HOLI…




Na juban se, Na nigaho se, Na dimag se, Na rango se, Na Greeting se, Na Gifts se, * dil se *AAP* ko; “HAPPY HOLI”.




Teri pasand ke her rang se,
khud ko rung lungi,
Aur fir udas ho jaungi ki,
tu sath kyo nahi mere..!!



Holi Aayi..
Satrangi Rango ki bauchar laayi,
Dher Saari mithai aur
mitha mitha Pyar laayi,
Aap ki zindagi ho mithe Pyar aur Khusiyon se bhari.



Gujhia ki mahak aane se pehle,
Rango mein rangne se pehle,
Holi ke nashe mein hone se pehle,
Kisi aur ke kehne se pehle,
Hum aapse kehte hain,
‘Happy Holi’ sabse pehle.


Ye Rango Ka Tyohar Aaya Hai,
Sath Apne Khushiya Laya Hai,
Humse Pehle Koi Rang Na De Apko,
Isliye Humne Shubh Kamnao Ka Rang,
Sabse Pehle Bhijwaya Hai..
**Happy Holi**



Red for Prosperity
Blue for Longevity
Green for Happiness
Orange for Progress
Pink for Friendship
White for Peace
May you be blessed with all the shades of Holi!

A touch of green i send to u.
A drop of blue to cool the hue.
A tinge of red for warmth
zest for a colorful HOLI!
Happy & Colorful Holi.


These all are the Happy Holi Jokes 2019 which you may liked and going to share among near & dear ones that are just waiting for your update on social media sites. If you want to check other article or post related to Holi then you should check Happy Holi Jokes and Shayari from below.

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